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Discover Caorle and the nearby locations through interesting excursions. Take advantage of your holiday at Hotel Marzia to learn about the history and traditions of this magical place.

The Wine route

Close to the picturesque city of Portogruaro and a short distance from Venice and the renowned seaside resorts of Bibione, Caorle and Jesolo, lies a region renowned for its wine production, appreciated since the time of the Doges: the D.O.C. area. Lison-Pramaggiore. The Wine Route is an invitation to discover this land, through numerous food and wine initiatives, events and promotions that enhance the culture of Eastern Venice and its culinary treasures. The area between the Tagliamento and Livenza rivers boasts high quality wine production, thanks to the constant research and attention paid by the wineries to organic farming and modern winemaking and ageing techniques.

Bike tourism

In Caorle, cycling enthusiasts are spoilt for choice, with a wide range of cycle routes through the countryside, the lagoon and the coast. Among the proposals are routes that touch historical and archaeological sites, offering a unique experience between nature and culture. From evocative rural landscapes to fascinating views of the lagoon and the crystal-clear beaches of the Adriatic Sea, every cyclist will find the ideal route to satisfy their passion and discover the beauty of Caorle and its surroundings.


Venice enchants with its meandering canals, historic bridges and ancient palaces reflected in the water. The city floats like a mirage over the lagoon, offering atmospheres unique in the world. Getting lost in its narrow calli is a journey back in time, among labyrinths of art and history that reveal themselves at every corner. From the majestic monuments such as St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace, to the picturesque squares animated by the cycles of Venetian life, every glimpse is a visual poem. Venice is a timeless experience, a city that fascinates and conquers the heart of anyone who visits it.


Verona, a magical city, enchants with its history, art and culture. Home of Romeo and Juliet, it is renowned for its romanticism. Located on the banks of the river Adige, in the centre of the Po Valley and close to Lake Garda, Verona boasts architecture influenced by the powerful Scaliger family. From the Roman municipality to Ostrogothic and Longobard rule, to Venetian rule, the city has passed through different eras and dominations. Roman monuments, enhanced by the Scaligeri, testify to its historical grandeur. Today, Verona is an unmissable destination for those who love art, history and romance.


Treviso, located in the heart of the region, is a city rich in history and art, enchanting visitors in every season. The Duomo with Titian’s Annunciation altarpiece and the Civic Museums offer artistic wonders not to be missed. We recommend exploring it on foot to immerse yourself in its magic, between the banks of the Sile river and the canals that give the city a unique musicality. The frescoed houses along the canals narrate Treviso’s bond with its waters. Between a visit to the monuments and a tour of the typical restaurants, savour the Radicchio Rosso di Treviso IGP. In the evening, Piazza dei Signori is the ideal place to relax with a Prosecco Superiore di Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG.


Aquileia, a jewel of ancient Rome in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, enchants with its rich history and splendid mosaics. Founded in 181 B.C., it soon became a powerful Roman colony due to its strategic location along trade routes. It was a religious and cultural centre of great importance, home to an influential Christian community. Today, its archaeological area, a UNESCO heritage site since 1998, reveals the splendour of the ancient Roman city, while its streets tell centuries of history, from the glories of the Empire to Venetian domination. Aquileia, a treasure trove of art and culture, promises an unforgettable journey into the past.

Noventa Outlet

The Noventa Outlet is a true shopping paradise, where every visitor is immersed in a unique experience. Entering this place is like stepping through the gates of a city apart, inspired by the enchantment of Venice. Here, among the buildings with their picturesque façades, one can stroll among the best brands at discount prices, letting oneself be tempted by the shop windows full of unmissable bargains. Shopping thus becomes an exciting journey in search of the perfect garment or the ideal gift, in an atmosphere that exudes charm and glamour.

Weekly markets

– Caorle Market
Via Aldo Moro
Every Saturday morning

– Porto Santa Margherita Market
Via Pigafetta
From 15th May to 15th September: every Tuesday evening

– Duna Verde Market
Piazzale Madoneta
From 15 May to 15 September: every Wednesday morning

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