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Caorle Sea Festival

A unique event

The Caorle Sea Festival is an annual street art event held in the picturesque town of Caorle. This event transforms public and private spaces into veritable open-air art galleries, thanks to the work of internationally renowned artists. The central themes of the various festivals over the years are creatively interpreted through murals and installations that enrich the local artistic and cultural heritage.

International Artists

The artists involved in the Caorle Sea Festival are among the most recognised on the Italian and international scene. Using a variety of techniques and materials, ‘450 litres of colour and more than 3000 spray cans’, they create unique and striking works, each in their own artistic style. The initiative not only beautifies the city, but also promotes cultural and tourist awareness, attracting visitors and enthusiasts from all over.

Hotel Marzia

Hotel Marzia is proud to support the Caorle Sea Festival. Indeed, over the course of the festival's editions, the hotel has become a veritable canvas for some of the street art artists involved in the initiative, offering its guests the unique opportunity to see the masterpieces created up close.
Discover in detail the works present at Hotel Marzia and the artists who gave them life.


Il faro del lido

Alessandra Carloni


Zero Mentale

Respect our world

Shife V.H.Ro

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