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The work, which develops on different surfaces inside the Hotel Marzia, presents a geometric composition of synapses, a typical stylistic feature of the street artist. The colours chosen, white and different shades of blue, are a tribute to the panorama offered by the Caorle seafront and recall the different nuances assumed by the waves depending on the sun’s glare.

Zero Mentale

Zero Mentale was born in 1972 in Padua, where he lives and works. Having graduated from the P. Selvatico Art Institute in Padua, he later graduated in Architecture in Venice. His passion for airbrushing made an important contribution to his artistic identity and soon led him to a refinement in the handling and technique of materials. Thanks to the skilful use of various paints, his works take on a glossy and translucent surface, distinguishing themselves by their strong visual impact, stylistic value and precision of line.

His work is based on the pictorial composition of configurations that stage the birth of a form, giving voice to thoughts in a surreal way, in a universe created only by suggestions. Zero Mentale fixes not so much the formulation of a ‘mental impulse’ as that of a ‘creative impulse’: it gives voice to thoughts in a surreal manner, one is confronted with the dominance of a world created only by suggestions, what reaches the viewer’s eyes are the bases of mental creation as imagined by its author.

In recent years, he has approached the world of street art, trying his hand at wall art. This is how graffiti and messages for the contemporary heart of metropolitan life are created on the walls; the use of spray, paint, airbrush, stencils allows the message to pass on the skin of the city.

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