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The Wild Flight

The work, some fifteen metres high, depicts the migration of a flock of ‘Graffaune’ birds (a contraction of ‘graffiti’ and ‘fauna’, a word invented by the artist to identify the iconic animals featured in many of his murals) flying over the Adriatic Sea towards other lands. In Daco’s imagination, these birds, defined with his characteristic geometric gaze, leave their graphic, dynamic and colourful imprint on the walls of the city of Caorle, starting with a façade of the Hotel Marzia.


He started with his first graffiti in the 1990s, creating classic lettering, flops and tags in vacant lots, on trains and on walls. Over the years, his style evolved and very quickly moved towards wildstyle, soon characterised by his unstructured approach, oriented towards creating a visual identity, a unique and recognisable graphic form. The artist also ventured into illustrations, with the animal series ‘GRAFFAUNE’, a contraction of graffiti and fauna, characterised by geometric and colourful looks. Strongly influenced by the Russian Constructivist movement during his studies in Fine Arts, he poured this kind of stimulus into the ‘CONSTRUCTION’ series. In recent years, he has been involved in many projects: murals, festivals, rehabilitation of eco-neighbourhoods, creation of shop windows for restaurants, shops, paintings for private individuals and companies, paintings in schools, media libraries, paintings with a social vocation in hospitals and specialised homes, partnerships with clothing brands, auctions, events and workshops.

Hotel Marzia - Art Hotel
Via Dante Alighieri 2
30021 Caorle (VE) Italy
Tel: (+39) 0421 81477
Mobile: (+39) 347 1406800