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An Image is Worth then Thousand Words

‘An Image is Worth than Thousand Words’ is an extraordinary art installation that enchants and fascinates spectators in Caorle, on the occasion of the second edition of Caorle in Love, a festival dedicated to lovers. Created by renowned artist Lorenzo Quinn, this work has quickly become an icon of the coastal city.

Immersed in the evocative atmosphere of the coastline, the work presents a gigantic hand emerging from the waters of the sea, evoking an impression of strength and majesty. This monumental hand immediately captures the attention of anyone who approaches it, creating a striking visual impact that leaves one speechless.

The choice of title, ‘An Image is Worth than Thousand Words’, suggests the evocative power of an image over words, inviting viewers to reflect on the power of visual communication and the ability of images to convey complex emotions and concepts in an immediate and universal way.

The work quickly won the hearts of the citizens of Caorle and the many tourists visiting the city, generating a wave of enthusiasm and admiration. The first images of the installation quickly made the rounds on social media, going viral and arousing the interest of a vast public.

The work will remain in Caorle until November 2024

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