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Art gallery

A gallery of art

Discover the original works inside the Hotel Marzia. Immerse yourself in a veritable gallery of diffuse art thanks to the various paintings that adorn every room and corner of the hotel.

Located in: Confort Room 209

Located in: First flight of stairs

Located in: Elegance Room 104

Located in: Confort Room 401

Asveri Gianfranco

Located in: Confort Room 401

Located in: Dining Room

Located in: Living room ground floor entrance area lift

Located in: Apparthotel-Suite ‘Isotta’

Located in: Harmony Room 101

Located in: Elegance Room 204

Located in: Diamond Room 205

Hotel Marzia - Art Hotel
Via Dante Alighieri 2
30021 Caorle (VE) Italy
Tel: (+39) 0421 81477
Mobile: (+39) 347 1406800